About us

  • A global network of senior partners and policy makers
  • Contacts in European export finance and international project finance
  • 7 Senior consultants sourcing projects across the developing world
  • Strong skill set
    • Commercial, business development
    • Project and export finance
    • Technology and infrastructure
    • Business and financial models
  • Values
    • Transparent and straightforward
    • Loyal and accountable
    • Collaborative and flexible
    • Ambitious
  • Vision

Technologies in energy and water have shifted towards decentralized and remotely managed infrastructures and allow for new combinations of engineering, infrastructure and finance. The developing world can build on these to harvest the ubiquitous opportunities to the benefit of all.

  • Mission

Our ambition is to implement new combinations for better risk management, for lower cost of capital, for higher guaranteed performance and for fair EPC margins with minimal working capital.

All G&A projects are Ubuntu: none can prosper unless all involved prosper.