Our projects result in energy infrastructure that is controlled and operated by local government or their appointed entities.  Local government will own the projects directly or indirectly through vehicles (existing or new) owned by government.  This is how G&A and its financial and technical partners ensure that the low cost of finance and the strong performance guarantees come to benefit the local population. Minority stakes in the projects are eligible for reasons of community endorsement, local management, technical support and maintenance of the generation and access projects and/or the complementary programmes for sensibilisation, education and co-creation. An important role is for organisation that can develop local project rights and permits and can coordinate the development of sensibilisation, education and co-creation of Access projects.

  • Local governments or related entities become the owners of infrastructure.
  • Planning of generation projects fits the country’s agenda for renewable energy.
  • Planning and growth in access projects is community based.
  • Management, operation and maintenance of the infrastructure is (sub)contracted locally.

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