Generation projects run on revenue from the sale of electricity to pay for the OPEX and the depreciation of CAPEX.  The projects result in sufficient free cash flow and a debt service reserve account to buffer variations in revenue.  The business plan covering CAPEX and OPEX leads to a self-supporting operation that generates renewable energy and provides free cash flow to fund Access projects and a community programme for sensibilisation, education and co-creation.

Access projects are funded using free cash flow from the generation projects and require a payback of CAPEX over less than 5 year.  Revenue in access projects comes from sale of energy, which can be paid form better efficiency and more growth.

  • Efficiency: savings in fuels.
    Small diesel generators operate at a cost up to 500€/MWh, renewable energy can be as low as 75€/MWh.
  • Growth: new economic activity.
    Local access to energy allows for new initiatives and small business the emerge (e.g. growing food for the local market using solar pumped irrigation)

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